We’re back to 100%!

I’m very happy to report that, following covid, we are now back up and running at 100%. We have our full range of sessions with no further restrictions, however, we would ask that all visitors/members continue to exercise caution and not come to judo if feeling unwell or indeed have tested positive for covid.

For any potential new starters out there I’m afraid one of the consequences of the last couple of years is that the demand for judo has increased resulting in very busy sessions. We previously had an open door policy to beginners, however, I would now ask that you contact me first to be added to a waiting list. If it’s possible, you may indeed be able to visit us straight away, but the likelihood is you may have to wait a short time until space becomes available.

If you would like to be added to our waiting list please email your name, age, which session you would prefer and if you already have judo experience to chris@shishikai.co.uk